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We provide an honest service to our customers and reliable used auto parts.  If the parts are not functional, you are covered with our unique warranty on used parts.

We like to think we do it right for our customers. But, don’t just take our word for it.  

-- Our customers give us outstanding reviews!

We're famous for:

  • Timely service, quality used parts
  • Friendly service
  • Fair prices
  • Outstanding Warranty

John Chen: "BJ is always my first choice when I need parts for my customer's cars because the parts are always reliable." 

Jose Candido:"Incredible but true, my part didn't work and they found a replacement within minutes for me to complete my car repairs. Thank you guys."

After carefully dismantling the cars, our specialized Auto Dismantlers carefully tag and store the parts in our 40,000 square feet warehouse.  

Come to our location at 10823 Airline Drive in Houston, TX and take a look at our cars inventory in our yard. Our experienced yard's auto dismantlers have a combined 25 years of experience and will gladly help you pull the auto parts that you need for completing your project.


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We rebuild tired engines and transmissions and offer an outstanding warranty on all our products. We also transport parts to anywhere in the world.

Looking for a reliable salvage yard operator that you can trust?  We know, it is really difficult to find. Look no further! We’re the friendliest, honest and business oriented auto salvage yard operation in the Houston Area. Proud member of the Texas Automotive Recycler Association (TARA) and Certified Automotive Recycle Operator by the State of Texas, Lic #100.

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   We pay you top dollars for your automobile.

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We are BJ USED AUTO PARTS, an Honest and Environmentally Responsible Enterprise

We recycle automotive parts, rebuild engines, and purchase used automobiles

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